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for the Feminine Mystics Exhibit - Week 1 Challenge
The Awakening of the GateKeeper 1.JPG

If you were looking to find the Interactive Art Challenge at OmniHum Gallery, you found it.

If you stumbled across this page,

you may or may not miss a valuable clue needed later in the challenge. Catch-up clues to follow.

Above is the first painting for the challenge 

Awakening the Gatekeeper by Teresa Gostanza

Interactive Art Challenge @ OmniHum

What is the Challenge?

Basically each week there will be a different challenge to identify the symbolism in a selected painting currently on display in the Feminine Mystics Exhibit

at the OmniHum Gallery in the historic district of Taos, NM.

Do not worry if you are not physically in Taos, New Mexico for the challenges. We are going to make everything you need to play available online but you will have to engage, follow clues, & look up information - Dan Brown Style.  Don't know who Dan Brown? Look him up and figure out why he might be important to Art & Symbolism or see our warm-up exercise below.

Some information that may help....

How do you get points?

 The challenge is meant to be fun. It is a game.


Points will be earned in the following ways:

  • Openly in an online forum  - like in the Warm-up Exercise or other challenges on social media

  • Bonus points - examples include visiting other online destinations to find clues or perform challenges and then prove you were there (usually by posting).

  • The remaining points will be earn by making one submission by the deadline for a given week. The submissioned shall be emailed to The submission shall be a numbered, detailed list of all the symbols the challenger has identified in the painting for the given weeks challenge.


Examples on how to win points will be posted periodically on our social media and our webpage. 

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