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Omnihum Gallery

 OmniHum Gallery is located in the the historic district of downtown Taos, New Mexico.

Spiritually & Community focused, we feature transformative art and events. 


SHOW DATES: 5/3/24-6/16/24

Devotional art is the beating heart of the southern Rocky Mountains. For centuries, devotional art has adorned the walls of every home and house of worship in New Mexico. No matter rich or poor, devotional art acts as a personal connection with the divine. It is functional art that carries the dreams, blessings, fears, and sorrows of the people that live on this land. Omnihum is continuing to honor the tradition of devotional art in New Mexico with our next show, DEVOTION.



OmniHum Gallery

OmniHum is an experimental and experiential exhibition space in Taos, New Mexico.

We are centered around a spiritual and high-concept visual and audio theatre. 

The gallery portion of the space offers paintings, sculptures, and crafts.

Highlighted Works


246 Ledoux st, Taos NM


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