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Webs Of Synthesis and Mycorrhizae 
August 25th- October 15th

Mycorrhizae - Natalina 

A body of work created by Natalina to demonstrate the mutualistic relationship of all beings. Natlina often uses recyclables in the creative process. The pieces symbolizing microscopic slides are made from old Forest Service plastic

Webs Of Synthesis

This exhibit is a collaborative immersive art show featured at OmniHum gallery in Taos New Mexico.

We seek to weave a collective story through art that highlights interconnectivity from the microcosm to the macrocosm. Zooming into microbes and mycelium networks, the brain tissue, to traffic, to WiFi, to outer space. 

This call is open to paintings, multi-media pieces, soundscapes, experimental films, sculptures, woven crafts, and more.


Image by NASA
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