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Subtle Expansions Exhibit

Counting to Ten - Gateway .JPG

Count to Ten - Gary Barten

Gary Barten is a Santa Fe artist whose paintings on paper are about our relationship to science, technology, and time.

Saturn Returns - Jarad Mchugh

 "I hope my art offers rebirth and the light of spiritual consciousness, but for every bit of light these pieces may reveal, they have also demanded that I root down into my own darkness, subconscious, and shadow. In doing so, these drawings have taught me how to embrace the full spectrum of who I am—the light and the dark. And its through their high contrast graphite and ink that I aim to symbolically express this spectrum of light and dark as well as life and death that we all have within us.

Along with that light and dark, we all have also the potential to use art as a tool for a “subtle expansions” that allow us to see how infinitely interconnected we are with the world and people around us. Although deeply personal and often unique, my intention is to make art taps into that interconnectedness to stimulate themes, images, and even realizations that you can find in yourself. As James Joyce once wrote about his art, “we must strike through the particular to the universal.” Its in that universal space, which we reach by seeking as inwardly as possible, often through art, where we connect most freely with one another."

IMG_7762 (1).jpg
the dance.jpg

The Dance- OmJaya

"I seek inspiration from nature and the cosmic world around us. A simple line — visual or musical — can alter the mind; a shape or sound can satisfy desire. Minimal and complete, this work encourages one to remember the sacredness of love, and is abstract enough to invoke a dream. We are surrounded by so much beauty and potential that is overlooked with the mind of struggle and chaos. It is a constant challenge to be in the state of love, gratitude, and compassion. That being known, the work I create is from a spiritual intention and a focused discipline. The ease at which this work flows from thought to creation is a testimony of a universal language, one that is all-knowing and rooted in sacred wisdom."

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